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Afternoon on Granville Island

20 Jul

My sister Megan and I are on a trip right now – I’ll write more about this trip later, but for now I’m sharing our afternoon yesterday on Granville Island.

With Megan calling out the directions in the passenger seat, we (I) had a very stressful drive from our cousin’s place on Charles street over to the island.  I’m used to driving in small cities – granted Thunder Bay drivers are The Worst but – trying to keep to to this fast pace and getting where I need to be through speedy lane changes was terrifying to say the least. Parking the car may have been my favourite part of the excursion.

Entering onto the island was a sight in itself – lush trees overhanging, ivy covering the overpass


We found a spot to park and spent a couple hours walking around.  Particular highlights for me would have been visiting the rock shop, the Market, and the Island’s Brewery.




This dogue hanging out in the doorway of a shop near the boats

The market was packed with treats and treasures of all kinds.  We chose macarons from Bon Macaron.  Megan had passionfruit-hazelnut and I had lychee-rose. What was the verdict you ask? Out of this WORLD.



Passionfruit-hazelnut and lychee rose DELIGHTS




My favourite flowers are EVERYWHERE here!



Spot the dude doing a handstand?


Megan’s friend Sophia came and met up with us at the brewery.  They had worked together in Whistler; it was nice to meet her and hear some of their stories.



Megan and Sophia’s flight of brews


We walked around together some more after the Brewery, a saunter through the rock shop left me with goodies for jewelry making and a couple special stones, and parking authority left us with a sweet ticket as we missed getting back to the car by 10 minutes!

After the island we had a couple more stops and Meg and I were on our way to Squamish.  Photos and story of conquering the Stawamus Chief soooooooooooon.