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Family Beach Session

10 Jul

This session was SO GOOD. Summer morning at Mission Island is officially the best location for pictures of kids.  I had to share some of these because I just love them so much. It was a pleasure to photograph this wonderful and fun family!


Baby Gracie

6 Jul

Gracie showed me TONS of blonde hair annnnd tons of expressions



Cocoon swaddle by Chrystal McCart of Chrystalclearrr – check out her page! (I have it folded under here, these will fit a NB – 3M bebe)


Baby Callie

4 Jul

This family of three welcomed their newest addition a couple weeks ago. Little Callie came to my studio and modeled my newest little outfit! It was cuteness overload. She was a very alert and curious baby, I did get her to sleep for a small stretch for some peaceful photos though!

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Styled Surprise Engagement

31 May

Here’s something we don’t see too often around here — a surprise engagement photo session!! Think about disguising it as a plain ole’ couple’s shoot, then using this little clearing as a place to cleverly pop the question.

Lads: take note!

I have killer ideas for other ways to do this inspired by NWO summers and camp season, so holler at me if you want to discuss! I highly recommend connecting with our local wedding coordinators to help pull this sort of thing off without a hitch as well.

Coordination: Maid for the Bride

MUA: Carly @ Wink

Tamara’s outfit (shirt, sweater, scarf & jeans) from The Loop

Evan’s tee and button up from Mars Clothing

Styling: Becky Scott


Evie at 5 days old

30 Apr

I could describe this shoot as: the joy of toddlers and thank goodness for snacky bribes.

In my sessions, I aim to do sibling portraits first, just so the older kids can go on to wherever they need to go or start doing some activity while I focus on the new baby.  Isla wanted to do what Isla wanted to do and I always just roll with it! We had some laughs as both bebe’s were very cute.


Jess and Jordan – Baby Bump

14 Apr

A preview for this cutie couple expecting very very soon! Jess and I were really excited beforehand planning this shoot and it all came together so nicely. CANNOT wait for baby to arrive!   -click images to view them larger!-

A New Find!

6 Apr

Something different than I usually post here, but I do love to also include photo essays, and little documentations.  I love photographing people and events as a job, but photography is liiiiiife.

I went on a little walk while I had time to kill between coffees-with-friends and had a chance to get over to Deja Vu.  I’ve been in a few times, but most often I’m in the area when it’s closed (and instead drooling over furniture as I peer through the windows? ugh).

Okay, so: a few weeks ago I had a bright idea that we needed a clothing consignment shop downtown – yes there are some, but I was thinking something more likely to also appeal to the younger crowd, with higher end/newer things.  …How pumped was I to stroll into Deja Vu and see they totally have a consignment area for clothes now?

So pumped.  I even scored a hot pair of shoes (not shown in the images below unfortunately)

You’ll find this awesome little shop with its lovely owner on the corner of Cumberland and Park.

I was happy to see some local art, and products by local artisans in there as well. People who know me will see these pictures and see lots of thingies I like, hahaha, it’s not a surprise I wanted to whip my camera out.