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Steph & James’s wedding sneak peek

28 Jul

These two lovelies booked me for a short and sweet ceremony and a few group photos after.


Meghan & Benjamin’s Wedding – Preview

20 Aug

Meghan and Ben have quite a lengthy love story that stretches back to their youth, making today a big deal.  A much awaited union, after 9 years of dating, college, getting a dream home, two children, they finally tied the knot.

Now I know Ben is a wonderful guy from what Meghan has said, not to mention the best man’s touching speech.. but I have lots of firsthand experience at how lovely Mrs. Meghan is.  We went through the SSW program at Con College together.  She’s a shining diamond.  A loving mother, caring friend, and kind soul.  Knowing how sweet she is makes me all the more happy to see how happy she is.

Now, join me in screaming over these shots from their wedding


Erinn & Chris – wedding sneak peek

14 Aug


The Blanchette Wedding – sneak peek

28 Jul

This is a huge sneak peek of Janey and John’s amaaaazing wedding day!  So much fun and just such a beautiful couple.  It was a day full of happiness and laughter, with many memorable moments such as the bride and groom’s entrance and dance, speeches, and the MC, whom thanks to, I will never refer to Mr. and Mrs. Blaaaaanchette without a southern drawl ever again.

I got to shoot alongside Curtis and his crew from Apple Wagon Films
Makeup was done by Kim of Vanity Custom Beauty
and floral arrangements by The Posh Posy



Carolyn and Maxime

10 Jul

I am so happy I got to spend the afternoon with this beautiful couple and their lovely family.  Carolyn and Maxime had a very intimate ceremony with an urban feel, which is quite unique for Thunder Bay!  They got married downtown Port Arthur in a classy restaurant and in true Northwestern Ontario fashion finished the celebration with a party at camp.  Enjoy this collection of photos from part of their special day.

Congratulations C&M


Katie & Micha | Rose Valley Wedding – sneak peek

14 Sep

I’m so happy I had the opportunity to work with this sweet couple.  It was a fun crew and a great, classy celebration at a beautiful venue.

Click the images to view them larger!

Sarah and Greg – Sneak Peek

9 Sep

I had posted a few teasers on my FB page, but here’s a more elaborate look at their special day (sorry for the wait!).  This was my first time shooting out at Stepstone and it was just so beautiful!

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