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Kimberly, Kai and kids

13 Jun

Sneak peek at the first blossom session. I could barely choose what images to post there are so many good ones!



Curniss & Chris

21 May

The other evening with this couple was great.  We trekked along Centennial’s paths – to further reaching areas I don’t usually go to on a typical shoot – but not surprising with these adventurers.

Curniss and Chris are travelers that love and embrace the outdoors  and have stories to tell.  They have a blog which documents their travels which is chock full of amazing pictures and enthralling, detailed accounts of their experiences. It’s worth a gander!

Excited to celebrate their marriage with them, friends, and family later this year.


Creating as a form of healing

2 Apr

A while back I wrote about using photography as a form of mindfulness and I’d like to add beading and jewelry-making onto my list of avenues for healing.

I first started making jewelry two years ago while I was in school for social service work. I just started out by beading wrap bracelets at night after the kids were in bed, but I soon found other outlets for creativity.  A good friend and I began dabbling in silver-smithing together and we’ve been of great influence to each other.  Mostly inspired by rocks and gems – pieces are earthy and comprised of mostly natural materials.  Everything is one of a kind, handmade.  From hand cut and stamped silver, to pieced-together chain, to rings soldered together from scratch.

The materials I gravitate to are leather, agate, jasper, shell, quartz, amethyst (local!!), turquoise, lapis lazuli, sterling silver, glass, other stone: rough and polished.

Even the process of picking out materials is therapeutic!  Going through the silver catalogue, tumbling my own stones (a month long process), sauntering through the bead store and picking out what catches my eye.  Sitting over my table, arranging it all together, forming a complete piece for someone else to love.

This has been such a venture so far, and it isn’t slowing down.  If I only had more hours in the day I could get to all the ideas I have!  If there’s one downside to creating, it’s time constraints.  But I enjoy that I can do this in the company of others.  I regularly work with a friend, and if I’m really in the mood to get crafty while the kiddies are around, I will get them to “help”, by picking out beads, or handing me tools, and they really love being part of the process.

I’ve been selling locally at craft fairs, but have been hoping to have things in stores, that is my next big step.

CILU Radio Fund Drive 2017

2 Mar

We’re coming to the end of Fund Drive for this amazing independent campus and community radio station – our only one in Thunder Bay – and it’s a station I love so it’s important that I spread the word!

Once a year tons of work is put into the drive in hopes to acquire your donations to ensure the station can continue running (12th year on the FM waves!)

With a wide array of music, programming, content, and voices it is welllllll worth pitching in.

To find out more information or to donate, go to www.luradio.ca/fund

The find drive kickoff this past Monday was held at New Day Records and Accessories where some great local live music was organized, as well there was as a “Dive and Donate” area of records to dig through with all proceeds going to CILU.  It was soooo good!  I missed some of the sets but was able to snap a few photos of Emily Kohne, Ryan MacDonald (The Honest Heart Collective), and Mary Walker.

Please support our independent radio! CILU 102.7 FM and keep up to date with events happening at New Day Records (a little in-house music while adding to your vinyl collection is actually pretty groovin) @newdaysound on instagram will keep you up to date with events and stock, as well as the FB page.

Joey & Raymond – wedding preview

28 Feb

I could easily call this wedding of the year and it’s only February.  J & R threw a colossal party, honestly making guests feel just as special as them I think.  It was a true celebration of the love between them AND the love that surrounds them.

Hair & Make Up for the wedding party – Glamour by Grace
Venue – Valhalla Inn
Florist / Décor – Glamour & Glow
Cake – Sweet Escape
Wedding Planner – Maid for the Bride
Stationery – Knotted Design

Congratulations Joey and Raymond, thank you for having me there for your amazing day!_dsc6676



I swear the perfect sparkler photos on Pinterest are photoshopped


Trial and error until near perfection… or when you run out of sparklers 😉