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Curniss & Chris

21 May

The other evening with this couple was great.  We trekked along Centennial’s paths – to further reaching areas I don’t usually go to on a typical shoot – but not surprising with these adventurers.

Curniss and Chris are travelers that love and embrace the outdoors  and have stories to tell.  They have a blog which documents their travels which is chock full of amazing pictures and enthralling, detailed accounts of their experiences. It’s worth a gander!

Excited to celebrate their marriage with them, friends, and family later this year.



Hiking the Stawamus Chief in Squamish, BC

21 Jul

This hike for me was of one of personal significance.  Any other mountain would be just a test to my physical limitations and enjoying what BC has to offer, but this was a different challenge.

It was like facing an adversary.  It was an effort to spiritually overcome or conquer the promises tied to it.  It was something I wanted to do on my journey of healing.

Don’t let this introduction set too heavy of a tone now, it was actually an incredible hike — nothing I’ve ever experienced before, and how grateful I am that I got to do it with my wonderful sister.


View of the Chief from our Airbnb



From the bottom – in two hours we would be at the far right peak (1st peak)


View towards Squamish/Howe Sound from the base


Tons of camp sites at the base



Some fellow hikers who were listening to some meditation (and later Beach House and other good tunes) stopping for a push up break?  I wonder if they will ever see this post?


Two hours of climbing some serious steep rock and steps and we made it!  I think we could’ve done it a bit faster, but I had to take several breaks for photos.  Keep scrolling for some beautiful mountaintop views. We did it! We did it! I did it!



2nd and 3rd peaks


That curvy sea-to-sky highway



There were a couple little foragers up there!


The way back down was much, much easier and we did it in less than half the time.  I did hit my physical limit, by the very end my legs started giving out and my ankles were rolling.  It was the perfect hike.



What an accomplishment and experience.  I know there are people in the area that have hiked this a thousand times, but being from Northwestern Ontario, there isn’t anything I have done close in comparison.  I am so happy I had the chance to get myself to the top.  I brought myself here and I’m achieving what I want.  Cross it off the bucket list!

Today Megan and I continued our voyage on to Whistler.  We enjoyed a less strenuous day walking the village and relaxing in our accommodations nestled in the mountains.


8 Aug

I was pumped to get to shoot with Rae-Ann this week as I had just realized how perfect this spot would be for portraits.  This is a lookout in town, but I happened to be walking up the hill from the bottom a couple Sundays ago after the Busker’s Festival – a viewpoint that can be forgotten when you’re enjoying the view from the top.