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Last fall mini family session

3 Nov

I wrapped up my October minis with this nice family.  The kids were amazing for posing the first little bit and when they had their fill I told them to go have fun



Ice Day!

26 Apr

Blizzards, snowfall, and storms aren’t uncommon for Aprils in Thunder Bay.  City closure due to weather is pretty uncommon as well, but an ice storm has given us a day off school and work today!

The girls and I started our day with peanut butter banana smoothies and yoga. We did lots of playing and painting, planted seeds to start our garden, and just after lunch we decided to go outside.  We smashed tons of ice off the car and other surfaces outside; a surprising inch or so thick in lots of places!


When the wind got to be too much we came in to watch a show but the power went out!

I had an idea to keep us entertained, something I’ve wanted to do since the lightpainting workshop at Neechee: Experimenting with portable light in the studio.  Flashlights, sparklers, strobes, etc.

Now, it’s hard as heck to get the girls be still and follow my directions – they want to do their own posing and follow their ideas, but I let them run the show and still got fun results!


Once in a while a school closure is such a treat – a surprise sleep in annnnnd a day with the kids.  Good attitudes all ’round at this house.

Promo/fundraiser time!

27 Jan

From now through February I’m putting on a photo deal to raise funds for a local organization called Roots to Harvest – click here to see what they do.

In preparation for it, we’ve picked out some fun props for those who want to take it to that level.  I have lots of ideas, from cute to serious and whatever in between.

They don’t HAVE to be themed, since I am running the promo past Valentine’s day, but here are some ideas below for people wanting just that!


15 Jul

A super fun session with a sweet clan of cousins ❤


Fata Family

21 Jun

Here’s the Fata gang! This was one of those scenarios where the kids’ energy ruled the session and was a sweet reminder to us adults that sometimes shining personalities make a good photo when it’s too hard to stand still!

Cheers to 6 years ❤



A Day in the Life… (March Break edition)

17 Mar

It’s spring break for all the kids here this week, so I’ve been finding lots of fun activities and quality-time-stuff to do with the girls.

Before yesterday’s snowstorm, we met my friend Nancy at the Conservatory and spent some time in a tropical paradise before leaving out into blizzard and snow squalls we were TOTALLY under dressed for.

I had my camera with me as Nancy and I were on a bit of an assignment, but I also enjoyed chasing the girls around to capture their playful enjoyment of the Conservatory.



What we drove home in


Pretzel Date

17 Oct

One of our regular special things to do is go on pretzel dates at The Sweet North Bakery.  We just got over a flu with the longest fever and worst cough, an ear infection and me with strep.  We’ve been miserable.  Deciding to skip dance class today and indulge in the comfort of big, warm, doughy pretzels, the girls and I snuck out leaving (our now miserably ill) Steven resting.  I grabbed my camera on a whim thinking I might get a couple shots (I never have it on me any time I wish I did and the iPhone just doesn’t always cut it) and documented our sunny morning.

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