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Last fall mini family session

3 Nov

I wrapped up my October minis with this nice family.  The kids were amazing for posing the first little bit and when they had their fill I told them to go have fun



Fata Family

15 Oct

Another perfect day for some sunny golden fall photos!  Us mamas used to visit before the kids were all in school, so I brought my two little assistants with me to get re-acquainted and they ended up leaving with a rainbow loom bracelet each! 😀 We’re hoping the school boards have a few more coinciding PA days.

Onto a peek of this cute family!


A super mom and her girls

12 Oct

This is Jennifer, one of my best friends from childhood.  We both had our first children in 2011 and hope that they will be good pals just like we were! Her oldest is very shy, as apparent in the pictures, and her youngest reminds me of my kids – pretty wacky and spirited.

Jenn is an incredible mom. So very intuitive to her children’s needs, working hard to give them everything she can.  I love this family, and love watching these girls grow up.

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Leigh and Greg

27 Oct

One of my very very favourite couples!!  We lucked out on a) them finding the perfect location that day and b) the sun coming out for the shoot and the shoot only giving us that perfect glow with the leaves.

Can’t wait to meet baby Mahood!


Mara Tony and kids

9 Oct

_dsc9262_dsc9271_dsc9283_dsc9284_dsc9294_dsc9309_dsc9325So it seemed these boys were really excited to be in pictures, I’m leaving the bloopers for the family, and I know they’ll be busting a gut over them together later.  Not pictured here: dog butt, kids flying though air, action sequences including fake boxing with half a shirt on?

Nikkita Sean and kids

6 Oct

The first family to choose these beautiful walking trails.  Had a nice time with this cute gang

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The Johnstones

6 Oct

Sneak peek!

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