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Becky and friends

24 Oct

Holidays are always good for getting the gang together.  Everyone was home over Thanksgiving, so Rebecca of Not your Basic Becky asked me if I could do a shoot with her and some of her besties at Gammondale Farm.  Click on the images to view larger!


Julie & Spencer – sneak peek

10 Aug

My second destination wedding – and I can call this a destination wedding, right?  Lutsen may only be two hours away, and the landscape is pretty much the same as home, but the resort is just so beautiful it feels like you’re away somewhere special.

There is lots to say about this awesome couple and their incredible wedding.

Like, 1. they are really fun and nice, and put on an awesome party.
2. They each have a large group of friends that adore them.
3. They are really loving parents! Julie kept saying: gee this would’ve been a lot easier if we did the wedding BEFORE kids! But half the bridesmaids had infants there anyway so it was a total baby party with a fun vibe.

The wedding itself was so cool – Lutsen Resort has an amazing layout for a beautiful outdoor wedding.  Grassy area for the ceremony, covered deck for cocktail hour, view of the expansive lake.

Highlights of the day include:

So many tiny babies
The “first look”
Curly blonde toddler stealing the show (multiple times)
The most insane storm and downpour
Double rainbow
Ending the night with a bonfire, first time s’mores



This series on the bridge is their First Look




Minutes before the rainstorm and a defective umbrella



Couldn’t capture just how hard the rain was, but it was intense



Air guitar bride



Crinklaws and Friends

19 Aug

My lovely friends and their lovely friends in a lovely place on a lovely day


Afternoon on Granville Island

20 Jul

My sister Megan and I are on a trip right now – I’ll write more about this trip later, but for now I’m sharing our afternoon yesterday on Granville Island.

With Megan calling out the directions in the passenger seat, we (I) had a very stressful drive from our cousin’s place on Charles street over to the island.  I’m used to driving in small cities – granted Thunder Bay drivers are The Worst but – trying to keep to to this fast pace and getting where I need to be through speedy lane changes was terrifying to say the least. Parking the car may have been my favourite part of the excursion.

Entering onto the island was a sight in itself – lush trees overhanging, ivy covering the overpass


We found a spot to park and spent a couple hours walking around.  Particular highlights for me would have been visiting the rock shop, the Market, and the Island’s Brewery.




This dogue hanging out in the doorway of a shop near the boats

The market was packed with treats and treasures of all kinds.  We chose macarons from Bon Macaron.  Megan had passionfruit-hazelnut and I had lychee-rose. What was the verdict you ask? Out of this WORLD.



Passionfruit-hazelnut and lychee rose DELIGHTS




My favourite flowers are EVERYWHERE here!



Spot the dude doing a handstand?


Megan’s friend Sophia came and met up with us at the brewery.  They had worked together in Whistler; it was nice to meet her and hear some of their stories.



Megan and Sophia’s flight of brews


We walked around together some more after the Brewery, a saunter through the rock shop left me with goodies for jewelry making and a couple special stones, and parking authority left us with a sweet ticket as we missed getting back to the car by 10 minutes!

After the island we had a couple more stops and Meg and I were on our way to Squamish.  Photos and story of conquering the Stawamus Chief soooooooooooon.


Katajamaki Family

14 Jun

So I think we found the nicest tree in Thunder Bay_DSC4592_DSC4609logosm_DSC4629logosm_DSC4663logosm_DSC4777logosm_DSC4740logosm_DSC4801logosm


Morning at the farm

27 Sep

Just a couple snaps of the kids out at the farm this morning 🙂  They had so much fun, no one really stood still for pictures (except sassy sheep there)._DSC5046logosm _DSC5058logosm _DSC5065logosm _DSC5072logosm _DSC5064logosm

Rebecca & Kamila

23 Jul

This was a more creative session — and I love doing sessions like these because I get to throw more of my artistic side into them.

We were so bug bitten.  I think over half the duration we were shooting we were screeching and flailing.  I had to edit bugs and/or bug bites out of EVERY single frame.  No foolin’!

Enjoy this set – these gals are just lovely and Kamila actually made those beautiful floral crowns herself with fleurs from her garden!

Click on the images to view them larger