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Family Traditions

29 Dec

While everyone is still somewhat in holiday spirit, I thought I had better post a little photo essay of the Esposti family Christmas tradition.  Every year they all go out to the Tree Farm just outside of Thunder Bay and pick out their trees.  This would be Cayson’s First! So it was important to Greg and Amanda to get some photos documenting this annual tradition with their new addition.



Doggo has a thing for marking chosen trees


NOT the first time he has peed on the tree they want




Krista & Jeff

14 Aug

There are countless wedding venues to choose from in Thunder Bay, but it’s nice to see the meaningful places couples pick.  Parents of the bride were happy to share their dream property over 20 years in the making.

Krista and Jeff met in 1st year University here at Lakehead.  They now live in Southern Ontario together.  Many family members came from out of town to celebrate this sweet couple, I hope everyone enjoyed their time at Mink Mountain and hope the weather stayed clear!

Congrats K+J!

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Ashley & Jacob – e session

16 Jun

Some cute lovers who are cutely in love


Kimberly, Kai and kids

13 Jun

Sneak peek at the first blossom session. I could barely choose what images to post there are so many good ones!


Ice Day!

26 Apr

Blizzards, snowfall, and storms aren’t uncommon for Aprils in Thunder Bay.  City closure due to weather is pretty uncommon as well, but an ice storm has given us a day off school and work today!

The girls and I started our day with peanut butter banana smoothies and yoga. We did lots of playing and painting, planted seeds to start our garden, and just after lunch we decided to go outside.  We smashed tons of ice off the car and other surfaces outside; a surprising inch or so thick in lots of places!


When the wind got to be too much we came in to watch a show but the power went out!

I had an idea to keep us entertained, something I’ve wanted to do since the lightpainting workshop at Neechee: Experimenting with portable light in the studio.  Flashlights, sparklers, strobes, etc.

Now, it’s hard as heck to get the girls be still and follow my directions – they want to do their own posing and follow their ideas, but I let them run the show and still got fun results!


Once in a while a school closure is such a treat – a surprise sleep in annnnnd a day with the kids.  Good attitudes all ’round at this house.

Things of Port Arthur

19 Apr

A walk around Bay & Algoma neighbourhood this morning.

I chatted in the street with a woman who asked me what I was doing, and I said I was just out on a walk to take some pictures.  She said “there isn’t much that’s beautiful around here is there?” to which I said, you gotta look for the little things!

Personally I find a lot to be lovely about this neighbourhood.  Aside from the community feel while walking around, there is tons of visual appeal, right?  Signage, urban decay, treed streets, ART! Painting and prettying up courtesy of Die Active Art Collective, fun alleyways, beautiful window displays.

Some of my favourite shops are around here!  I gotta add a serious thanks to the City of Thunder Bay for installing the Pedestrian Crosswalk at Cornwall and Algoma making it waaaaaaaaay easier to cross the street. Thumbs up for walkability.

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If you’re interested in seeing what people you’ll run into in Port Arthur, click on over to the blog I totally ripped this post’s title off from: People of Port Arthur (by the author of Eating Dirt – a great Tbay blog)


16 Dec

December is a busy month for most people.  For us it’s preparing for the holiday season and two sweet girls’ birthdays.

I finally got a tree this year, after going several without and had a little tree trimming party.  Hoping to host much more often in the new year and during the holidays.

The girls turned 5 and they couldn’t be happier