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Baby Joe!

25 Sep

Dan and Amanda opted for a cozy session at home.  We got lot of pet love with a side of baby snuggles. Click the images to view larger!


CJ Turns One!

14 Sep

Yesterday I got to go on some #adventureswithchubbo, such as: wearing shoes for the first time, tripping and banana-ing everywhere, running towards goose poop, eating rocks.

Life is fun when you’re one!


Kimberly, Kai and kids

13 Jun

Sneak peek at the first blossom session. I could barely choose what images to post there are so many good ones!


The dachshund sistas

19 Feb

Everytime I hang out with these dang dogs I want one of my own.

SO full of sass and personality.  Such short legs.


First Day of School

6 Sep

A week past due, but the girls are back in school, and I am back working there too!  We had an amazingly great summer (which still feels like it’s carrying on), but it’s exciting to be heading into a new school year.

For me, back to school means waking up earlier — and having more chances to see the sun rise.  I love September, the mornings feel different, crisp and new.

The girls picked their First Day outfits themselves – dresses are from Joe Fresh @ Superstore, shoes and backpacks are from Old Navy.



15 Jul

A super fun session with a sweet clan of cousins ❤


Army of Sass – Thunder Bay

5 Jun

A couple weeks ago I got to attend an Army of Sass class at the Dance Room.  Stephanie Depiero had me come photograph the beautiful and talented Army of Sass dancers she teaches while the group held a fundraiser for Fort MacMurray.

I had the pleasure of seeing what a sass class is like (for anyone interested, I’ve included a description and blurb from Stephanie after the images), and witnessed the powerful vibe these women give off as they practiced some choreography together.



ARMY of SASS THUNDER BAY is where community, confidence and dance come together!

We offer dance classes to women ages 18 and older. We have mothers, grandmothers, civil engineers, xray technicians, waitresses, advertising executives, child care workers, and nurses who come and sweat !

We offer classes for both those basic beginners who have NO EXPERIENCE as well as those with previous dance experience who are looking to continue their dance training as a adult.

Dance is fun! Dance is celebration! Dance allows us to escape from everything else in our every day lives.

Our classes give you chance to gain confidence, pump up your day at the same time as getting in your workout. Developing physical strength while toning your legs, arms and core all while working to improve your dance skills in the sassy heels style.

There is also the option for those looking to perform and get on stage in front of a live audience! We offer a 10 week Performance and Training Program, 3 times a year in our Fall, Winter and Spring sessions.

We believe in the saying there is no “I” in TEAM. We support each other outside of the studio which includes attending local fundraisers, charity events and our Girls Nights Out.

Your first class is on us! Email us at or come check us out at any of our weekly SASS CLASSES.”

I hope I get a chance to participate in the near future!