Things of Port Arthur

19 Apr

A walk around Bay & Algoma neighbourhood this morning.

I chatted in the street with a woman who asked me what I was doing, and I said I was just out on a walk to take some pictures.  She said “there isn’t much that’s beautiful around here is there?” to which I said, you gotta look for the little things!

Personally I find a lot to be lovely about this neighbourhood.  Aside from the community feel while walking around, there is tons of visual appeal, right?  Signage, urban decay, treed streets, ART! Painting and prettying up courtesy of Die Active Art Collective, fun alleyways, beautiful window displays.

Some of my favourite shops are around here!  I gotta add a serious thanks to the City of Thunder Bay for installing the Pedestrian Crosswalk at Cornwall and Algoma making it waaaaaaaaay easier to cross the street. Thumbs up for walkability.

Click on images to view larger!


If you’re interested in seeing what people you’ll run into in Port Arthur, click on over to the blog I totally ripped this post’s title off from: People of Port Arthur (by the author of Eating Dirt – a great Tbay blog)


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