Urban Infill 11

27 Mar

One of my favourite events of the year, within my top 5, among the other incredible Definitely Superior events: Urban Infill: Art in the Core.

Revitalizing our downtown by capitalizing on assets of art and culture, and linking/reinforcing connections through accessible empty spaces and existing arts, commercial business/social spaces. With vision and innovative arts and business, we can fill up the empty spaces in our downtown, and help to connect and create that unique niche of an urban arts and entertainment district. ~Re-discover your north core Waterfront District through contemporary art!

Featuring works by 400 regional, national and international multi-disciplinary artists at 25 downtown locations, including DefSup, commercial spaces, art galleries, artist studios, and empty spaces transformed into new art/performance venues. One of the largest presentations of visual and media arts, unique to Thunder Bay.”

These photos are from the gala lastnight – I strongly encourage you all to check out the installed art this week!!! Visual art exhibitions continue: Sun. March 26-Tues. March 28, 12-6pm.

Stop in at Def Sup to get a map and start from there, 250 Park Avenue (Thunder Bay).

I always photograph this event and love it, this year I entered two pieces which made it even more meaningful to me.


Diane Landry’s – Knight of Infinite Resignation



First Tour getting started



Wearable art featured in window displays throughout downtown



My favourite “piece” – by Barbara Benwell



Morning Light



“All the Marks You Left in Me” a piece about emotional scars left behind from abuse



Sprouts by Janna Zachary (only the cutest painting ever)


Michel Dumont and his creation



Couch Money Kareoke



Best, sexiest voice in Thunder Bay: Robin Ranger



Neechee Studio light painting



Top: “The Engagement Photo”


I am not a fan of this gesture, but this piece is a giant fuck you.  A healing piece. Fuck you Steven for everything you did to me, for every mark you left in me. For snuffing out my light, for crushing my spirit. Thank you for showing me what love is Not.


A collaborative poem to go along with this, written by my friend Katie:

water under the bridge
like broken glass
fuck your apology flowers
you stupid ass



Miss Temperance


Sam explained a piece by one of his students Parvaneh Darabi: she had gone to restore to find frames, and found these photos lost within



bts and snax!



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