Photo Workshop – Using art in recovery

2 Mar

When I was in the social service worker program at the college, I had a wonderful placement at Alpha Court.  The agency provides support to individuals struggling with addictions and mental health issues.

One of my requirements for this field placement was to create a group.  I designed a photography workshop, which aims to teach individuals the functions of the camera, as well as light and composition concepts in order to have control over the images they create.  I want to give people a new skill that they can use within their recovery process, or as a new way of expression.  Now I have this nice little lesson plan in my pocket and it has come in handy several times since graduating last spring.

I’ve had the pleasure of facilitating two workshops now through CAHEP (Community Arts & Heritage Education Project).  I’ve recently been working with youth, which has been really great because they are bubbling with ideas.  In the group, shooting, experimenting, and all that hands-on stuff is integral.  In the first group we explored long shutters, light painting, and capturing movement.  This current group was free to roam the waterfront and get creative with what we saw there.

The facilitator should shoot too right?  These are my shots just for fun and I am totally looking forward to what the participants have to show next week!


One Response to “Photo Workshop – Using art in recovery”

  1. Marla Eve March 3, 2016 at 4:32 pm #

    What a great idea and a great opportunity for you! (Wish I could take the class)!

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