Pretzel Date

17 Oct

One of our regular special things to do is go on pretzel dates at The Sweet North Bakery.  We just got over a flu with the longest fever and worst cough, an ear infection and me with strep.  We’ve been miserable.  Deciding to skip dance class today and indulge in the comfort of big, warm, doughy pretzels, the girls and I snuck out leaving (our now miserably ill) Steven resting.  I grabbed my camera on a whim thinking I might get a couple shots (I never have it on me any time I wish I did and the iPhone just doesn’t always cut it) and documented our sunny morning.

01pretzeldate 02pretzeldate 03pretzeldate 04pretzeldate 05pretzeldate 06pretzeldate 07pretzeldate 08pretzeldate 09pretzeldate 10pretzeldate 11pretzeldate 12pretzeldate 13pretzeldate 14pretzeldate 15pretzeldate 16pretzeldate 17pretzeldate 18pretzeldate 19pretzeldate 20pretzeldate 21pretzeldate 22pretzeldate


One Response to “Pretzel Date”

  1. Marla Eve October 19, 2015 at 6:24 pm #

    These pictures made me feel warm and cozy.

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