Baby Cayson

12 Nov

Just a little sample of some photos from Cayson’s photoshoot.  This little lion is definitely surrounded by oodles of love. Congratulations to Amanda and Greg!



Some of my favourite Lovely products

10 Nov

There’s this cute little shop on our evolving St. Paul street, full of the most amazing smells. Sure the Roastery is a good contender, but I’m talking about The Lovely Body. A shop filled with bath and body products, handmade in Thunder Bay by owner/operator Sarah Johnston.

The shop has been there for just over one year now. When you go there you will find pretty soaps, salt soaks, lotion, body butters, bath bombs, beard oils, and more. These products aren’t just pretty, but Sarah has done tons of research and has found earth-friendly resources. She uses ingredients that are ethically and sustainably harvested and that give back to communities and habitats.

So, I have some favourite products (by some I mean many) which I’ll write about, because if you haven’t been there, it’s worth knowing what Sarah has in store!

First: cold pressed and naturally lovely bar soaps. They come in a selection of staple scents and she does seasonal scents as well – Christmas soaps arrive on November 15th! Right now I’m obsessed with the fall bars so I better stock up before they’re done for the year.

The naturally lovely bars are free from detergents and dyes, and use essential oils for fragrance – a few of them are pictured directly below.

Secondly, OKAY, is this my favourite product? The shaving cream in North Shore scent. It’s creamy and soapy with a clay base. It’s very gentle, and can be used as a face wash as well. I love it. What more can I say? Lovely Body shaving creams are worth trying.

Number three: hair oil! Along the lines of beard oil, but in plain or lavender scents for lovely locks. I have wavy, frizzy, and bleach-fried hair and I have found that using the hair oil tames some frizz while giving my hair a more moisturized look and feel which is normally completely absent because it’s so fried! Oops.

Fourth in my list is the whipped shea butter. MMMMMMOISTURE. It’s light, with light fragrance and it leaves your skin feeling really soft. I’ve been using it on my kids’ patches of eczema because it’s the only thing that doesn’t sting.


‘Nuff said.

but no, these soaps made with beers from Sleeping Giant Brewery are fantastic. If you like borderline musky, masculine smells, these are for you.

So when I wanna do a little self care, I swing by 12A St. Paul and pick out one or two of my favourite things… and will often treat my kiddies to a bath bomb too 🙂

Baby Robin

7 Nov

There’s a new baby in the family, giving my daughters a new cousin to eventually dress up and play with.  We joked (not really joked) that in 5 short years auntie and uncle would have a set of babysitters available for whenever! (where can I get one of those for Friday nights?)

I don’t get to see these guys too often so it was nice to have them in the studio.

Click on the images to view them larger

Last fall mini family session

3 Nov

I wrapped up my October minis with this nice family.  The kids were amazing for posing the first little bit and when they had their fill I told them to go have fun


Amanda and Andy – sneak peek

2 Nov

Last wedding of the year for me and it was a cute one! Their family and friends were pretty happy to see these two get hitched.  I was over the moon with the opportunity to bring them to Prime for photos! #midweddinggelatodate

Curniss and Chris

27 Oct

It can be common to see a couple tie their interests and tastes into their weddings.  It might be part of their theme – country, modern, classy, or in wedding favours, chosen flowers, etc.

Being a very outdoorsy couple, (you can read about their adventures over at Curniss and Chris originally did their ceremony on the Giant, doing a hike in with a couple close friends and someone to record it all.  We got to watch that film at the “official” friends and family ceremony at the Finlandia Hall.

It was a very northwestern Ontario party.  Pinetree Catering’s food truck for dinner, all their flowers were GROWN LOCALLY by a family friend (so beautiful and smelled amazing), the festivities took place downtown Port Arthur, close to our beautiful lake.

So thankful I got to be your photographer, guys!  Congratulations!


Becky and friends

24 Oct

Holidays are always good for getting the gang together.  Everyone was home over Thanksgiving, so Rebecca of Not your Basic Becky asked me if I could do a shoot with her and some of her besties at Gammondale Farm.  Click on the images to view larger!